To kick off the beauty branch of Intent, we thought it would be fitting to invite someone who’s passions and line of work is aligned with ours ,here at Intent. It only made sense to call in our favourite hair and beauty YouTuber and self-taught up and coming makeup Cindy Khan! Cindy will we sharing her journey into the beauty industry , as well as a few tricks to getting that flawless beat she stays flexing on us with on our Instagram feeds.

1. What does beauty/makeup mean to you. Do you attach meaning to every look?

So, I know to a lot of people including myself ,makeup is a form of therapy . I absolutely fell in love with it from a young age and i noticed i used to play with it when i was feeling down and now i still do . It calms me down when i am feeling a certain way so in a sense i do kind of attach a meaning to every look unless i am just doing a look to go out with . but there’s certain colors to me that i use when i need to feel like a bad b and certain colors i use when i just feel really happy. 

2.Tell us about your journey into the hair and makeup. What inspired you to start a YouTube channel with hair and makeup as your niche ?

I have always wanted to start a YouTube channel since it become a buzz in SA but I guess the lack of equipment always made me shy away from it . But this year i decided to take the plunge and actually do it because i felt like i could give people tips and tricks they haven’t tried before and also a platform for all of us to share and relate to as young ‘broke’ students *laughs* 

3.What is the one step you never leave out when doing your everyday makeup routine?

It will have to be moisturizing my skin prior . I hate hate cakey makeup and i feel as though when i don’t excessively add another layer of moisturizer before primer i always end up looking cakey after baking so i never skip that step considering that i have really dry skin. 

4.Is there a makeup trick you haven’t shared with your viewers on YouTube that you are willing to share with Intent?

Well there’s this thing I like to do , which i am planning a video on but i like to shave my face for a smoother foundation surface . i find that shaving my face using that little flat brow razor you find in most Chinese shops helps to even out my skin and also make my foundation more skin like. 

5.What is your favorite makeup trend and what is your not so favourite makeup trend ? name one of each and tell us why.

Well my current favorite has to be the feathery but defined brows . I have always hated blocky eyebrows so we can rate that as my least favorite too. I feel as though the large blocky brow distract people from things like eyes how and overall just makes your whole entire face look caked up and plastic-like. I enjoy the feathering brows because they give your face definition but they don’t distract from the work you put into making the rest of your face like eye shadow.

6.After the tragic death of Uyinene and many other beautiful women in our country, You created a makeup look dedicated to the Gender Based Violence movement. What inspired that post ? do you think beauty influencers have a social responsibility to use their platform to address the many social ills of South Africa?

At that certain time i felt very connected to the color purple so when i thought of doing my makeup that day , immediately thought of how i was going to translate how i feel into an eyeshadow look . I , as a young woman , felt very powerless and defeated because of our society’s state in terms of the GBV . and to see people holding up posters and protesting , my form of protesting was through conveying what i felt through makeup . I loved that look cause after adding rhinestones i realized purple shouldn’t at all be a color of mourning but a color intended for royalty and that’s what i think of all women living in SA . We queens that just happen to be stuck in this terrible cycle of violence. I do however strongly feel like any person that has influence and can reach thousands , should clearly stipulates their views on topics that are as big as GBV especially if they female . But in the end it’s their social media and we can’t really dictate what other people do or not do .

I hope you are on your way to getting that small razor and a good moisturizer for a flawless beat because Cindy Khan has definitely influenced us to strive for ultimate beauty goals which is what we do here on Intent.

To keep up with what Cindy Khan is up to, be sure to follow her on Instagram and check out her YouTube Channel.

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