Maintaining and growing healthy natural hair has been conceived to be time consuming and expensive. For a lot of new naturals, the variety and pricing of natural hair products can be quite overwhelming and could lead them to either reverting back to relaxing their hair or applying heat to it. This does not have to be the case because being natural does not have to affect your wallet negatively. In this post we’ll look at ways that you can save some money on this journey, whether you are newly natural or an experienced natural. Let’s look at 5 practical ways that you can implement to rock your crown on a budget.


The first thing you can do, especially if you’re about to begin your natural hair journey, is to start with the most basic products. You really don’t need 30 products (OK, maybe that’s a bit extreme) to grow healthy natural hair. If you buy every product you see other naturals using, then your bank account and your hair will surely despise you because not all those products will be suitable for your hair because we have different porosities and coils. This is how you can keep it simple

  • A good moisturizing shampoo that won’t strip your hair of its natural oils.
  • A conditioner that provides you with moisture and good slip to allow you to easily detangle your hair.
  • A deep conditioner is a much thicker, heavier and more intense treatment than a normal conditioner. It deeply hydrates and repairs every hair strand and is an essential part of a natural’s hair routine.
  • A leave in conditioner is necessary to add extra softness and moisture to your hair. When choosing a leave in conditioner, ensure that the first ingredient is water/aqua, as it should moisturise your hair. Different leave-in conditioners have different consistencies. So, knowing what your hair porosity is will help you figure out which consistency is necessary for the penetration of moisture into your hair.
  • A hydrating hair butter or cream is the perfect moisturising sealant that will protect your hair from dryness and in turn minimise breakage.
  • A good sealing oil to lock in all that moisture is just what you you need to keep your hair moisturised for a few days.
  • Water! You can get this from your tap , free of charge, and is great for hydrating your hair.


Clicks often has a sale on hair care products which can either be 20% off or 3for2. More savings yay!!! There’s no harm in waiting for a good sale to come up. When there is a sale, make sure you are making the most of it.


These can be a bargain, especially if you get goodies bags at the events. You can be paying only R250 for a ticket, but get natural hair products in your goodie bag that could be worth more than your ticket. These are a great bargain honestly because you learn about different ways you can take care of your hair, you make new friends and you get natural hair products!

Products from the previous Clickscurl event, ticket was R195


Most of the products you find in stores are not necessarily South African products, making them a little pricey. There are a lot of good and affordable local brands. Local female owned brands such as FoBuddyZA and Afrotame, offer a good range of products. Most of these local brands are very active on social media and run these natural hair businesses on Instagram and Facebook.

Hebal range combo for R310


These are literally free of charge. Follow your favourite naturalistas on Instagram and enter any natural hair giveaways they could have. Intent and I will soon be collabing on a natural hair giveaway filled with some cool products and tools and you should stay tuned for that. Be sure to follow us on Instagram : @intent_hairandbeauty and Me @naturallyroeleen

Do you have any more frugal natural hair care tips to share? Please leave your comments down below .


Roeleen is a South African based natural hair advocate, digital content creator and nano influencer. She’s passionate about natural hair, beauty and female empowerment. She provides her audience with tips and tricks on how to grow healthy natural hair using affordable, good quality brands. She has a YouTube channel and is very active on Instagram where she shares all this amazing information

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  1. Sinothando says:

    Also clicks usually has online sales so I bought a Aunt Jackie shea butter for R65 when the original price about R90. That was a great save for me.
    Native child products are on the more inexpensive range when it comes to natural hair products

    1. Tshepang Langa says:

      Thank you so much for this information I’ll tell everyone via our social media.

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