The South African natural hair community is filled with creative and beautiful naturals who aim to raise the natural hair flag high to educate and inspire naturals and aspiring naturals to love and care for their God given coils. Intent got a chance to speak to 21 year old South African natural hair Youtuber Nkhensani Rikhotso who took us through her natural hair journey and what she aims to do to push the natural hair agenda forward.

When did your natural hair journey start and what influenced your decision to return to your natural hair?

I started my natural hair journey in December 2014. I can’t remember a time that my hair was never relaxed, and I was honestly just curious to see how my hair would be and that led to me cutting my hair and watching it grow in its natural state, and it has been an amazing journey so far.

Take us through your hair routine… what do you do to your hair daily? Weekly? Monthly?

Daily: In the morning I’ll usually spritz my hair with some water or a leave-in spray and style my hair as desired, and then at night I’ll either twist or braid or tie my hair in 4 sections and call it a night

Weekly: I usually moisturize my hair using the LCO method three times a week, especially ever since dyeing my hair because it is important that I keep it moisturised. I wash my hair bi-weekly and that regimen included; detangling before shampooing it as this ensures that my hair is not as tangled and it gives my hair some moisture prior to shampooing as shampoo can strip your hair of its moisture. I then shampoo my hair, deep condition and then moisturise my hair using the LCO method and style my hair as desired.

Monthly: Protein treatments are a major staple in my hair regimen, I have high porosity hair and it is very important that I give it as much protein as it needs to keep it healthy.

What was your biggest natural hair mistake that you’re working on right now or that you have managed to fix?

My biggest natural hair mistake would be when I first started my hair journey and I was beyond clueless and my hair was so hard to comb and manage that I went to a salon and they applied relaxer to my hair to basically loosen my coils, biggest mistake but my hair went back to its kinky state after I incorporated protein treatments into my regimen.

What are your 3 natural hair essentials?

Water, deep conditioner and a moisturizing cream or butter

As a natural hair enthusiast and a natural yourself, how would you describe being a natural in South Africa? This is with consideration of the school policies that restrict girls from wearing their natural hair, and what do you think is our responsibility as the natural hair community regarding this?

Being a natural in South Africa is definitely not the easiest, because they some people still view it as unprofessional, For me the best thing I could do is offer inspiration, to show them that regardless of all the rules set out, that shouldn’t make you love your hair any less, love it proudly and teach girls that they look beautiful with a head full of coils.

Be sure to check out Nkhensani on Instagram and watch her latest YouTube video here.

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