THE NISH PHILOSOPHY by Janine van Throo

NISH is a holistic approach to hair care and is covered by 4 pillars:
• Nutrition
• Ingredients
• Scalp care
• Hair maintenance


Nutrients are not the first thing you think about when it comes to hair care. Nevertheless, these play a vital role in the health of your hair.
Contrary to what many people think, the health of your hair does not come from a jar or bottle, but from the inside. Hair is made by your body with the help of the nutrients that you ingest.

This image contains fruits and vegetables in small bowls to keep hair healthy


Most people see products from the label perspective, but the active ingredients that make up the product are the most important. The Ingredients can make or break your hair; therefore, it is essential to know the ingredients to avoid and he right ones to choose. My advice is always to look at your hair need first, then find a product that meets the need of your hair.


The scalp is the only place where the hair is alive, it is where the hair is ‘born’ and where the hair gets fed. It is essential to maintain a healthy scalp to increase the blood flow to enhance nutrition intake of the follicles. The scalp contains numerous blood vessel that carries oxygen and nutrients to feed the skin cells that form the hair.


Hair Maintenance is about manipulation of the hair on the outside of the scalp, the hair that we can see, using certain products, tools and techniques. It is about length retention; how to treat your hair so that you keep the length. It is also about the techniques to use to keep the hair as healthy as possible.

this image contains hair in a protective hair style

By using the NISH in total, one will notice that the hair grows out stronger, softer and therefor would need less products to keep in the moisture. Your hair will finally look and feel the way nature intended it to.


My name is Janine van Throo and I am a natural hair therapist and a product formulator. In 2004 I  established Sisay Cosmetics  in The Netherlands. We started as a web shop However, the original and result-oriented services of the company led to the rapid growth and subsequent establishment of the first natural hair care boutique in Amsterdam in 2009. In this same year, Sisay launched the first own product line for natural hair care. Two years later, the landmark achievements of the company was recognized with the African Business Award, in Amsterdam. As a pioneer of the concept of natural hair therapy, I am  primarily seen as an authority figure in the industry  have the  reputation as the #1 Natural Hair Therapists on the global scale. As a researcher and product inventor, I formulate natural hair care  products for afro, curly hair and scalp as well as nutritional products . A couple of years ago I developed the NISH hair care philosophy and certification program and served as the head educator for Just Natural Consulting.


FB: Janine van Throo- Natural hair therapist

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