Shampooing type 4 hair strips it of its natural oils leaving it dry and difficult to handle. The best way to to prevent your hair from being lose its natural oils during the shampoo washing process is by pre-pooing it. This post will be about my pre-pooing experience using the Atara pre-poo oil treatment.

A sample of the oil sent to me by Atara


I pre-poo my hair once every 6 weeks because I only use shampoo on my hair once every 6 weeks. When I do pre-poo my hair, i use a conditioner to do that ,so, this was my first time using a pre-poo oil treatment and I am pleased with the results!


This oil that was gifted to me by Atara consists of “moisturising carrier oils as well as nourishing and growth-inducing essential oils to prepare strands to flourish post-wash”.

The pre-poo treatment offered by Atara consists of 2 products, 100ml of the oil pre-poo treatment that is to be applied on your hair and 100ml of aloe Vera gel to applied on your scalp. Together these retail for R390.00

Picture of pre-poo treatment taken from the Atara online store


As I’ve already mentioned, this was my first time using an oil treatment.As I was preparing the hot oil treatment, I was nervous about the amount of oil in the container and wonder if it was going to be enough to cover my entire hair. There was more than enough oil and there was some oil left over as well. If you have thick and high dense hair, This oil definitely accommodates you as well. Please bare in mind that the oil I was sent was a sample of Atara’s pre-poo treatment.

Makes detangling easier

The oil gave my hair a lot of slip and it made detangeling quicker and easier because my detangeling brush was able to slide down my hair untangle it pretty well. I also noticed that there were not a lot of knots and tangles that formed after my hair dried up and that made me very happy.

Retains moisture

I airdry my hair after washing it and then proceed to do the L.O.C because my hair starts to feel dry and in need of moisture. After using this pre-poo oil treatment by Atara, my hair did not feel too dry even though the water was drying up on my hair. I can definetly say that moisture was retained and my hair was more manageable after using the pre-poo treatment.

The smell

If there’s one thing I did not like about this oil treatment, it would be the smell. I am very sensitive to smells and I truly appreciate products that are pleasant to the nose. If you are sensitive to smell like I am, adding a few drops of your favourite smelling oil will not hurt.


Apart from the smell, I really enjoyed using this pre-poo oil treatment. I might just stop using conditioners to pre-poo my hair and start using oils instead. You can visit the Atara website to purchase this oil treatment and to check out more of their exciting products here. If you want to find out how to prepare your oil for the best pre-pooing results be sure to subscribe to Intent for this exclusive guide.

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