Time is one thing this lockdown has given us and It’s very important that we make the most of it. One thing I have been doing during this time is improving my make-up skills using tips and tricks from my favorite MUA’s and beauty influencers. Here are 3 South African beauty influencers and content creators you can follow during this lockdown.


Picture taken from @lungilethabethe’s Instagram

If flawless, skin-like make-up was a person, Lungile Thabethe is that person. I have witnessed her make-up go from flawless to even more flawless regardless of the state of her skin. She has gone to from a face filled with dark spots to a clear face and in all of that, her make-up stayed flawless and melted on her skin. Lungile is the head makeup artist at Mr. Price’s Scarlet Hill so you already know that her makeup skills are impeccable. She shares her tips and tricks on her Youtube and Instagram as well.


Picture taken from @vongaimapho’s Instagram

Dark-skinned, melanin dripping queen, Vongai, is another one of my favorite make-up artists. Apart from her amazing on-screen personality, Vongai is extremely creative with her make-up looks and wears every single hairstyle and eye-shadow color with tons of confidence. If you are a dark-skinned queen and are looking for make-up into and are shy to try out some colors on your palette, follow Vongai for inspiration.


Consistency and creativity are one of the few things you can expect from Olwethu! One of the reasons why I enjoy Olwethu’s content is that she uses products both you and I can use and easily access like the Nyx cosmetics or the Maybelline fit me! foundation and she makes magic with products that you would consider basic. Olwethu’s content makes me feel like I don’t need the most expensive make-up to feel like my own MUA. If you want to feel like nothing is impossible, makeup-wise, follow Olwethu.


There are tons of South African Makeup and beauty influencers and content creators you can follow, like Mihlali N and Kay Yarms. However, these 3 are my current favorite content creators and they are definitely worth a follow. If you missed last week’s post on the 3 SA natural hair influencers to follow during the lockdown, you can click here.

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