I think we are now all aware that winter is here! Your lips and skin have probably started cracking (hopefully not!) and you are wondering what it is you need to do. You’re probably noticing changes in your skin and realizing that you need to adapt and adjust your skincare routine to fit the winter season. This could mean picking out new body lotions, or changing your lip moisturizer or add a bit of oil to your moisturizer. I have put together 3 tips to help you transition your skincare routine into winter so you can look amazing this winter and continue flourishing next season.


Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin cells that make your skin look dull. Winter is already drying to the skin and can easily make your skin look dull. However, exfoliating will rejuvenate and improve the condition of your skin.

You can incorporate these d.i.y face scrubs in your skincare routine this winter.


We all know the importance of using sunscreen during summer, but experts say it is just as important to wear it during winter as well.

This is a picture to show how sunscreen looks and the SPF needed.

The ozone layer absorbs harmful UV rays because it acts as the Earth’s sun-shield. The ozone layer is at its thinnest during winter. The freezing temperatures and vicious winds that leave your skin dry and agitated allow for UV rays to have a better shot at your skin. Wearing sunscreen on your face between 10 a.m and 4 p.m when the sun’s rays are the harshest will protect your skin from sun rays damages.

You can find good and affordable sunscreens at your local supermarket or drug stores like clicks.


I know this sounds absurd, considering how cold winter is. I mean showering with cold water during summer isn’t easy either. However, having what has been coined the “James Bond Shower” can have amazing benefits for your body and skin.

the picture shows a shower

Showering with cold water is beneficial in numerous ways. It firstly increases alertness. Waking up and getting out of your warm sheets can be extremely hard in winter, but a cold shower can wake you up and get you ready for the day. Secondly, a cold shower refines your hair and skin. cold water can help improve the appearance of your hair and skin because hot water can dry your skin. Cold showers tighten your cuticles(great if you have high porosity hair) and pores and prevent your pores from clogging.


In order to keep your skin healthy and beautiful this winter, you might need to adjust your skincare routine in ways you never thought you could. Let us know how what you will adding or omitting in your winter skincare routine in the comments section.

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  1. Sinothando says:

    I think its also important to use hydrating products especially if you have dry skin bc the cold weather can be very harsh to the skin and cause dryness

    1. Most definitely!! Winter can be harsh on the skin and it’s very important to moisturize and hydrate it.

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