Healthy and glowing skin is all that we pray for and need! There is no one who can say that they do not care if they have good skin or not, because our skin will represent us for a long time, and it is the first thing that people see when they look at us.

Although skincare blogs and socials always preach about basic skincare tips, many people do not really take these tips seriously. However, they are some basic cores of healthier skin and they need to constantly be reiterated!

Here are some basic skin care dos and don’t that we need to put up on our walls and practise on a daily basis.


Follow a much healthier eating diet – incorporate fruits and vegetables into your diet and minimize junk food, alcohol, caffeine, sugar, and stop smoking.

Make sure to wear sunscreen every time you step out of the door – Most people tend to overlook this and choose to wear a cap and umbrella for protection, this does not work! Wearing an SPF is just as important as cleansing your face, it protects your skin from UV rays that may potentially cause damage to your skin in the long run, it prevents pre-mature aging signs and reduced pigmentation development.

 Exfoliate your skin once or twice a week – This help improves skin cell turn over and remove dead skin cells that build up on the surface of your skin, thus revealing new and soft looking skin.

Homemade face scrub fro exfoliating

Follow a blog about skincare (like this one) -This helps you understand your skin and its concerns, and it makes it easier to prevents unnecessary skin problems in the future.

Read directions on how to properly use each product, there is a reason why production companies put the direction on skincare labels so that we can achieve the results that we want and avoid further skin damage.


Do not over-exfoliate your skin – This may cause skin irritations and permanent damage to your skin.

Do not touch your face all the time – touching your face is a way of spreading bacteria from your hands to your face which may cause breakouts.

Do not take too hot showers and baths – Hot showers dry your skin over time and this may make your skin to feel uncomfortable even after moisturizing it.

Do not use a lot of different brands at the same time – This can irritate your skin or cause the product to not work at all if you are treating a certain problem. Different brands use different ingredients and some ingredients do not work together well or may cause a reaction that may worsen your skin. I recommend you use skin products made with natural ingredients. You can find these at Emour.

Do not pick your pimples – Picking your pimples transfers bacteria to your skin which may worsen it and promotes scarring.


This is a list of all the skin do’s and don’t that you can apply to your skin care routine to improve the condition of your skin to help it look better especially now that it is getting warmer.

Which of the abovementioned ‘don’ts’ are you going to change in your skincare routine?

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  1. Raki says:

    I use a lot of brands at the same time. Lol it’s a bad habit but they all work

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